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Request Parameters: base-hostname The standard or custom blog hostname api_key Your OAuth Consumer Key type The type of post to return. Specify one of the following: text, quote, link, answer, video, audio, photo, chat id A specific post ID. Returns the single post specified or (if not found) a 404 error. tag Limits the response to posts with the specified tag limit The number of posts to return: 1-20, inclusive offset Post number to start at reblog_info Indicates whether to return reblog information (specify true or false). Returns the various reblogged_ fields. notes_info Indicates whether to return notes information (specify true or false). Returns note count and note metadata. filter Specifies the post format to return, other than HTML-- text: Plain text, no HTML raw: As entered by the user (no post-processing); if the user writes in Markdown, the Markdown will be returned rather than HTML