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      "status": 200,
      "msg": "OK"
   "response": {
      "blog": { ... },
      "posts": [
            "blog_name": "travellingcameraclub",
            "id": 688472164,
            "post_url": "http:\\\post\688472164",
            "type": "link",
            "date": "2010-06-11 23:17:08 GMT",
            "timestamp": 1276298228,
            "format": "html",
            "reblog_key": "RWhJJWia",
            "tags": [],
            "note_count": 9,
            "title": "Esther Aarts Illustration | News and Blog: Faq: How do
               you make those marker doodles?",
            "url": "http:\\\post\
            "description": "

On my Ipad, of course!<\p>

Nothing better than the latest technology to get the job done. Look at all my apps!<\p>


My favourite markers are an Edding 400, a Sharpie and a Copic Ciao. The white gouache is from Dr Martins and does a decent job covering up whatever needs to be covered up, and flows.<\p><\blockquote>" } ... ], "total_posts": 7 } }