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General: blog_name The short name used to uniquely identify a blog id The post's unique ID post_url The location of the post type The type of post See the type request parameter timestamp The time of the post, in seconds since the epoch date The GMT date and time of the post, as a string format The post format: html or markdown reblog_key The key used to reblog this post tags Tags applied to the post bookmarklet Indicates whether the post was created via the Tumblr bookmarklet mobile Indicates whether the post was created via mobileemail publishing source_url The URL for the source of the content (for quotes, reblogs, etc.) source_title The title of the source site liked Indicates if a user has already liked a post or not state Indicates the current state of the post. States are published, queued, draft and private total_posts The total number of post available for this request, useful for paginating through results Answer: asking_name The blog name of the user asking the question asking_url The blog URL of the user asking the question question The question being asked answer The answer given

   "meta": {
      "status": 200,
      "msg": "OK"
   "response": {
      "blog": { ... },
      "posts": [
            "blog_name": "david",
            "id": 7504154594,
            "post_url": "http:www.davidslog.com7504154594",
            "type": "answer",
            "date": "2011-07-11 20:24:14 GMT",
            "timestamp": 1310415854,
            "format": "html",
            "reblog_key": "HNvqLd5G",
            "tags": [],
            "asking_name": "aperfectfacade",
            "asking_url": "",
            "question": "I thought Tumblr started in 2007, yet you
               have posts from 2006?",
            "answer": "

Good catch! Tumblr launched in February 2007. We were testing it for a few months before then.


Tumblr Trivia: Before Tumblr, my blog ( was a manually edited, single page, HTML tumblelog.

" } ], "total_posts": 1 } }