upload a file

This is the php code to upload a file. You can change max size and file type.

 Check for errors
if($_FILES['file_upload']['error'] > 0){
    die('An error ocurred when uploading.');

    die('Please ensure you are uploading an image.');

 Check filetype
if($_FILES['file_upload']['type'] != 'imagepng'){
    die('Unsupported filetype uploaded.');

 Check filesize
if($_FILES['file_upload']['size'] > 500000){
    die('File uploaded exceeds maximum upload size.');

 Check if the file exists
if(file_exists('upload' . $_FILES['file_upload']['name'])){
    die('File with that name already exists.');

 Upload file
if(!move_uploaded_file($_FILES['file_upload']['tmp_name'], 'upload' . $_FILES['file_upload']['name'])){
    die('Error uploading file - check destination is writeable.');

die('File uploaded successfully.');